Ariz. Congressman Meets With Survivors of Shooting

(NECN/KVOA: Erika Flores) - Hundreds of people showed up at an Arizona grocery store for a chance to meet and talk to Congressman Ron Barber.

Visitors included survivors from the Jan. 8 massacre in Tucson last year.

First in line to meet with the Congressman was Jim Tucker -- one of the 13 injured during last year's massive shooting.

"There was a little momentary trepidation because it brings back memories," Tucker said.

It was an emotional moment as the two embraced.

Tucker said although the event brought back tragic memories, it made new, joyous ones, as well.

"It's a different setting time has passed and people have healed and it's good to see several others that were there that day," Tucker said.

Dave Gallagher says it's important to keep this tradition of "Congress on your Corner"...

"We are not motivated by fear we are motivated by what's positive and what's good," Gallagher said.

Congressman Barber agrees.

"I really felt that it was essential to do this," Rep. Barber (D) said.

"We cannot be scared away from doing our job and we have to make sure as a member of Congress, people get to meet you get to talk to you whether it's good bad or indifferent, they need to be able to have contact in a very personal way."

Nearly 300 constituents met with Barber to express their concerns.

"Some people in apartment building said, 'Ooo you're going' and I said, 'Yes, you have to kind of move on,'" Diana Morgan said.

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was speaking to constituents at a "Congress on your Corner" event in Arizona in January of 2011 when a gunman opened fire.

Six people were killed, and 13 were injured.
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