As Snow Leaves Boston, Temperature Plummets

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(NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Boston) - As bitterly cold temperatures returned to New England Thursday, residents already sick of the long, snowy, cold winter said they felt betrayed by Mother Nature.

“Oh it’s cold, and it was nice to have that break, with the nice, warm weather, and now that it’s cold it’s - don’t want it back,” said Amanda Aldrich of Hamden, Mass. “I’m ready for it to warm out, definitely,

A group of tourists visiting from Argentina said they booked a trip here in March thinking it would feel almost like spring – not mid-winter.

“We’re not used to it, we come from the summer,” said Belen Cotignola, who planned the trip. “We went to New York first and it was not as cold.”

Dog walkers like Christian Kafentzis of Somerville have gotten so used to the cold, it doesn’t faze them anymore.

“If you bundle up it’s not too bad, you know, lots of layers, Dogs don’t seem to mind it, some of them have coats and everything,” said Kafentzis.

Daniel and Eteline Brotman of Boston begrudgingly bundled up for their afternoon walk on Boston Common.

“Oh, it doesn’t feel like spring’s ever going to come,” said Daniel.

“I’m sick of wearing these clothes,” Eteline yelled. “You can’t even swim! All you can do is ice skate, ice skate, ice skate! it’s boring!”

But not everyone is bored with skating – Jenna Musto of Roslindale said she was psyched to be able to hit the Frog Pond for what might be her last time this season.

“I kind of wish winter was just a little longer, just to have more fun, but who knows, I like doing sports in the summer as well,” said Musto.

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