Boston College Law Student Asks for Refund

(NECN) - One Boston College law school student says he should get his tuition back.

He's making the request in an open letter to the school's dean in the online law school newspaper ''Eagle-Eye Online.''

The unidentified 3rd year student says he has had trouble finding a job, and is worried about paying off student loans.

The student wrote:

"I'd like to propose a solution to this problem: I am willing to leave law school, without a degree, at the end of this semester. In return, I would like a full refund of the tuition I've paid over the last two and a half years.This will benefit both of us: on the one hand, I will be free to return to the teaching career I left to come here. I'll be able to provide for my family without the crushing weight of my law school loans. On the other hand, this will help BC Law go up in the rankings, since you will not have to report my unemployment at graduation to US News.''

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