Boston Residents Surprised City Named Drunkest in America

(NECN: Deanna Morgan, Boston) – Boston is a city rich in history, but now it’s known for something that residents might not love to hear.

The Hub has been voted the drunkest city in America, by The Daily Beast.

Boston has some of the earliest bar closing times.

Bostonians find it hard to believe.

You won’t find drunk people on Boylston around 6 in the morning, at least none you can see. But for some reason, Boston is being called the drunkest city in America.

People Deanna Morgan spoke to had other cities in mind like New York City and New Orleans.

One woman says she drinks in moderation, but apparently not everyone in Boston does.

The statistics from the Daily Beast show 20-percent of Boston’s population are classified as binge drinkers, 7-percent are classified as heavy drinkers, which means roughly 30-percent of Boston’s population are borderline ‘alcoholics.’ Also, on average, Boston adults drink 15 alcoholic beverages a month.

Oh well, it’s just a title, right?

One man says you can use it as a selling point.

One idea as to why Boston may have the title is all of the colleges in the city.

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