Boys and Their Dad Get Their MBAs

(NECN: Scot Yount, Wellesley, Mass.) - Around the Commonwealth, spring brings more than 100 graduation ceremonies and some 67,000 graduates are headed out into the world to begin careers, start families and businesses.

In some cases, some grads are hoping to add to the lives, careers and businesses they have already created. Like the Demakes boys.

Elias, Tim, Tom, and Andrew. Tom is actually Dad, and all of them run the family business, Old Neighborhood Quality Foods in Lynn, Mass.

"My grandmother and grandfather started the company in 1914," said Tom Demakes.

On this day, 10 years in the making, the "boys" are all getting their master's degrees in business administration from Suffolk University.

Imagine going to business class with dad, who has been working since he was just five years old, sweeping the the floors at the business. But the sons say their dad ended up doing a lot of the teaching in their classes, and sometimes to their embarrassment. But they also say the experience was great for family bonding.

"Suffolk's a great school," said Tim Demakes."I like to think of it as the Harvard of Beacon Hill."

Indeed, Suffolk is the only institution of higher education on Beacon Hill.

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