Brown Launches Exploratory Committee for NH Senate Bid

(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Nashau, NH) - His campaign staff says he'll be headed to the north country in the morning on his Main Streets and Living Rooms tour.

Republican Scott Brown is exploring a run against Democrat Jeanne Shaheen for a US Senate seat.

"Our next guest speaker, Scott Brown of New Hampshire."

New Hampshire's Scott Brown is better known as former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and among his challenges in announcing he has formed an exploratory committee to be a New Hampshire Senator, convincing Granite State voters he's one of them.

"Dad met Mom when she was a waitress at Hampton Beach. My Dad was an airman at Pease Air Force Base. They were living on Islington Street in Portsmouth when I came along," Brown said.

Protesters drove around the parking lot at the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference in Nashua.

Inside, Brown blasted Obamacare in his 18 minute long speech, not mentioning his potential opponent incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, and highlighted his acceptance of working with all people.

"I don't care if they're Democrats, Republicans, independents, young, old, happy, sad, gay, straight, I don't care. There's only one way to get rid of Obamacare, once and for all. And that's to get rid of the Obama Democrats who rammed it through Congress and forced it on the American people," Brown said.

Former New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith is already in the race.

He paints himself as the conservative alternative to what he says is Brown's liberal voice.

"Scott Brown is closer to Jeanne Shaheen than he is to Bob Smith. Let's look at it. Pro-life. Jeanne Shaheen is not, Scott Brown is not. Pro gun. Jeanne Shaheen is not. Bob Smith is pro gun. You go down the list," Smith said.

Exploratory committee does not mean he's officially in the race, it doesn't mean he even has to run for Senate, he could switch that over to a run for President if he so chooses.

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