Cape Cod Braces for Spring Storm

(NECN: Katelyn Tivnan, Sandwich, Mass.) - It's a quiet day on Cape Cod Tuesday, with calm seas and clear skies. But when the early morning hours come, the scene will be much different.

The area is expected to be buried under close to a foot of snow - something homeowners are preparing for.

"I'm just down here turning the hear up in case we lose power," said John O'Brien. "It's about all we can do."

"Make sure all your storm panels are shut, tie down all your furniture," said Mike Harrington. "Make sure everything's strapped down."

Harrington has lived on the water for 14 years and says he's come to expect the winter storms. But the strong winds do pose a problem for his boat.

"Supposed to blow like 60 miles an hour, so I'll add a couple of lines and make sure everything's are clear and hope for the best, I guess" he said.

Wind gusts between 60 and 70 mph are also a concern when it comes to power outages. NStar is getting ready by putting their emergency response plan in place overnight.

"We're going to be bringing in crews from our northern service territory, Greater Boston, Metro West, to assist our Cape crews," said NStar spokesman Mike Durand. "They'll be in place in time for the storm and any damage it may cause."

For homes on a stretch of beach, erosion is also a concern, with each passing storm washing away more sand.

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