Center Teaches People How to Prevent Sports Injuries

(NECN: Jackie Bruno) - Louisville’s Kevin Ware is now recovering from an open fracture suffered during their March Madness game. But, Dr. Bill Meehan says this could have been prevented.

And that’s exactly what Dr. Meehan and his team at the Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention in Waltham, Mass.

Mass. is trying to do. They will teach kids, teens, and adults how to exercise proper, reducing injuries on the field, the court, the dance floor.

“If any athlete comes into the center, we measure and reduce that risk of injury,” said Meehan.

Right now their services are not covered by insurance, but they do offer scholarships to students who can’t afford it. Their goal is to make this preventive prescription mainstream, encouraging people to understand where they may be weak, so they can play safely and get stronger.

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