Christopher Gribble Back on Witness Stand in Deadly Home Invasion Trial

(NECN: Lauren Collins, Nashua, N.H.) Christopher Gribble described Tuesday - with a cold and even demeanor - what it was like to kill Kimberly Cates and nearly kill her daughter Jamie. He even criticized co-defendant Steven Spader's form as the two attacked the mother and daughter in their bed.

"It seemed like he was kind of half-hazard . . . just everywhere," said Gribble.

His attorney Donna Brown asked him, "was your stabbing hap-hazard?"

"No," he quickly replied.

"How was yours?"

"Very precise," he responded.

This 21-year-old claims he did it because he was insane. NECN legal analyst Randy Chapman notes that strategy hasn't swayed a New Hampshire jury in more than 50 years.

"This appears to be the equivalent of a judicial Hail Mary - trying to take whatever shot they have. They don't have any other defense so often it's the refuge of those that are desperate. In this case, it appears they don't have any other viable defense he clearly is a disturbed young man."

Gribble has testified that he's not like other people - admitting fantasies about killing his mother and others. He says the murder in Mont Vernon lifted the weight of those dark urges.

"It was just a relief," said Gribble. "This incredible relief of 'Wow, OK. I actually did it and I feel better now.'"

As for the bloody scene left behind - Gribble says it was like something out of a crime show. He had no remorse as he looked at his defenseless victims.

Brown asked him pointedly, "When you were inside 4 Trow Road, did you have any feelings?

Gribble simply answered, "No."

Chapman says, "Anyone capable of committing this crime is pathological, is detached, indifferent to human life. Does that mean he is not guilty of this crime? It's going to be a real hard sell for the defense to convince the jury to cut him free."

Gribble is expected back on the stand for a third day Wednesday for the state's cross examination.

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