Coastal Concern on Cape After Blizzard Eroded Shoreline

(NECN: Julie Loncich: Dennis, Mass.) - The Blizzard of 2013 eroded some 15 feet of beachfront and dunes in Dennis, carved out portions of the legendary landscape and washed away the sand that served as the footing to the staircase leading to the newly built bathhouse at Corporation Beach.

"It's getting more and more problematic to save any of these areas," said Dennis Selectman Wayne Bergeron.

Bergeron says officials are racing to do whatever they can. Next week, leaders will decide whether or not bolster the beach stabilization fund with more money from off-road vehicle permits. They'll have to do something. This is a multi-million dollar problem.

"The bottom line is no matter what decision we make with a storm like that none of it may work," said Bergeron.

Long time residents are confident it will...and willing to build back their beaches.

"As far as putting a couple million dollars, whatever it takes it's to their advantage to fix the beaches to keep the tourists coming," said Dennis resident Anthony Ozella.

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