Cold Weather Causes Problems in Mass.

(NECN: Josh Brogadir) - The cold weather created problems for two Mass. communities Thursday.

The plunging temperatures made things difficult for firefighters in Swampscott and employees of several businesses in Saugus.

Flood restoration crews are not what you want to see outside of office buildings especially when we have extreme conditions.

Two concerned employees of an internet company, walking by cleanup crews, returned to check on their flood damaged office hours after a pipe burst. Firefighters tell us cold is to blame at the Palumbo Properties building on Route 1 in Saugus.

Saugus Fire Captain Tom Nolan said a drop ceiling collapsed with a good amount of water and knocked out the electrical service.

About 150 people were evacuated into the chilly afternoon.

Just miles away on the north shore in Swampscott, firefighters on Andrew Road battled flames in a house that weren't caused by the cold, but the extreme conditions hindered their attack.

Deputy Fire Chief Jim Potts said there was a frozen hydrant on the street.

The fire started on the stove which may have accidentally been on when the homeowners left, according to the state fire marshal, or possibly turned on by the family dog who so called "counter surfed" at times.

Sadly the labradoodle died in the fire. Ron Trapasso, the family of six's next-door neighbor, knew there was a dog in there and tried to see if anyone was inside.

And as cleanup crews continued to dry the offices in Saugus, Fire Captain Tom Nolan said the notion that pipes freeze only when people aren't around just isn't true.

"Anytime, anywhere, they can freeze up, you don't realize it," Capt. Nolan said.

And if anything, the good news is the warm up in days ahead, though that will mean pipes will be expanding.

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