Conn. Gun Sales, NRA Membership Up Since Sandy Hook Shooting

(NECN/NBC News: Tracie Potts) – There will be more meetings Friday for Vice President Joe Biden's gun task force in Washington.

He says the administration wants to consider all sides, but the National Rifle Association's not feeling that after sitting down at the White House Thursday.

The NRA says it's disappointed that the White House is less focused on keeping children safe and more focused on, as they put it, attacking the second amendment.

Friday, Vice President Biden's task force meets with the gaming industry after sitting down with gun owners and the National Rifle Association.

The NRA's take? Not much room for compromise:

"They said 'oh yeah that's interesting but we really want to talk about regulating firearms themselves,’" said NRA President David Keene.

Gun owners didn't see it that way:

"I think that it was a conversation and it wasn't a lecture," said Richard Feldman, president of the independent Firearm Owners Association.

With pressure mounting after the Newtown, Conn. school shooting, analysts say the NRA faces a tough choice:

"They may realize that the game is changing so quickly underneath them that they're gonna have to adjust," said public policy expert Don Kettl, of the Brookings Institution.

Biden's group is in a rush to come up with new regulations.

"So far, a surprising recurrence of suggestions that we have universal background checks, not just close the gun show loophole, but total, universal background checks, even including private sales," said the Vice President.

While they were meeting, there was another school shooting, this time in rural California. A teen armed with multiple rounds injured two students:

"He had several, maybe as many as 20 rounds of shotguns in his pockets," said Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood.

The task force is likely to recommend a ban on high-capacity clips and tracking large purchases of ammunition.

Not only are gun sales up since the Connecticut tragedy, but the NRA says it's gained 100,000 new members, unsolicited.

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