Conn. Man Unhappy With Deli Sandwiches Calls 911

(NECN/WVIT: Todd Piro) - We all know to call 911 in case of an emergency.

A Connecticut man "thought" he was in the middle of an emergency when a deli didn't make his sandwich the way he wanted.

"He ordered on the phone 14 sandwiches. But he said to put a little less meat but extra cheese, what I did. And then he didn't want to pay for it," said East Hartford Greatful Deli owner Tila Azinheira.

She told customer Rother McLennon that he couldn't take back the sandwiches because he special-ordered them.

And that didn't sit well in McLennon’s stomach, so he asked Azinheira for her phone and called 911.

911 call, McLennon: "I specifically asked for um little um turkey and little um um ham and um a lot of cheese and a lot of mayonnaise and they giving me a hard time and I'm wondering if you can stop by."

The East Hartford dispatcher used getting to calls about fires and fallen trees was now getting a call about too much meat and not enough cheese.

911 call, dispatcher: "You're calling 911 because you don't like the way they're making your sandwich?”

911 call, McLennon: “Exactly."

Tylon Culver is McLennon’s neighbor.

He says this isn't the first time McLennon has called the cops to report something not to his liking.

“He called the police on me, too. He said I tried to ..uh..our building is brick. He said I tried to burn the building down. You know, with a grill lighter," said Culver.

Turns out our complaining cheese connoisseur has a soft, doughy side.

"I think the customer realized how wrong he was so this morning he called in to apologize and he said he gonna come back but not any time soon but he will be back," said Azinheira.

But the tough owner has a warning for future problematic patrons:

"If you call Greatful Deli and put an order in, you better come and pick it up and pay for it."

McLennon was not arrested for his 911 call.

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