Cooking With Costa: Jose Duarte

Peruvian Prince Chef Jose Duarte, makes a summer flounder meal - that's media friendly. Find out exactly where this fish dish came from with quick scan of a barcode. www.tarantarist.com

Jose Duarte's
Summer Flounder Tiradito - Basic Recipe

Serves 4

1 lb Summer Flounder Fillet or Fluke (MUST be fresh)
1 cilantro bunch
1/4 teaspoon of rocoto paste
1/2 teaspoon Aji amarillo paste
3/4 teaspoon Sea salt salt flakes, use Trapanese or Maldon
Juice of 3 freshly squeezed limes
2 garlic cloves pureed
5 spoons of fish stock
2 spoons of roasted Cancha Corn
1 leek, pureed in blender


1. Slice Summer Flounder as if doing a sashimi cut and place in a plate.

2. In a bowl Make a lime mix with the juice of limes, garlic, puree of leeks, aji amarillo and rocoto, add fish stock, salt and pepper. If the mix is very acid add more fish stock.

3.- Pour the lime mix on top of fish then garnish with cancha corn, cilantro bunch and if available a boiled sweet potato.

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