Dog Ring Takedown in NY

(NECN/WNBV: Katy Tur) - Authorities seized dozens of dogs, including puppies, from a Bronx apartment on Thursday where they allege the pups were being trained to fight, police said.

The super of the building is being charged with running an illegal training facility for dogs from the basement apartment of the building on Sherman Avenue, sources told NBC 4 New York.

Police said the basement served as a makeshift arena with an estimated capacity for 100 spectators.

The dogs, ranging in ages from 12 weeks to five years, were found in cages and had various injuries indicative of dog fighting.

Investigators found harnesses and muzzles, dog treadmills, a loaded handgun, syringes and 22 wooden crates in the apartment.

Sources say police also found a ring used for dog fighting.

The ASPCA was on scene Thursday as the dogs were taken from the home.

Officials said the dogs appeared to be responsive and in good condition, other than scars and wounds from fighting.

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