Doing It Right: Weight Loss Journey

(NECN) - For most of us, losing weight doesn't happen overnight. But in the April issue of "In Shape" magazine, Beyonce tells them that she was able to lose the 57 pounds she gained during pregnancy just three months after the birth of her daughter.

Registered nurse and health coach Jacqui Bryan is here to break it down for us.

She says celebrities are setting the bar high for everyday new moms. Research really supports that you lose weight gradually. Pregnancy puts a lot of stress on your body so you really need to have proper nutrients, in order to heal and take care of your baby.

Beyonce’s job is to look and sound good. Bryan says most people don’t have the luxury of that.

Locally, we've been following the progress of Laura Waldo, a single mom from New Hampshire who's working to lose 50 pounds this year. If she doesn't, her health could be at risk.

How is Laura doing?

Bryan says it’s such a pleasure to work with her and she’s lost over 12 pounds.

Watch the attached video to follow along on Laura’s weight loss journey.

For more information on Bryan, you can visit her website:

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