Dozens Fall Victim to Patriots Ticket Scam

(NECN: Josh Brogadir) - You show up at the gate.
Just bought tickets on line for several hundred bucks.
Only to find out they're fake.
That's what happened to more than 50 people at Gillette Stadium Sunday afternoon.

That game winning overtime field goal was a thing of beauty for Pats kicker Stephen Gostkowski, his teammates, and the legions of fans who watched it happen Sunday.

But for the 51 people with counterfeit tickets in hand when they got to the gate at Gillette Stadium, it was anything but a great game.

Those damaged goods look like real tickets, feel like real tickets, but Patriots spokesman Stacey James says they are part of the first ever widespread counterfeit scam in Foxboro.

"People thought they bought legitimate tickets, thought they were going into the game, didn't think they had done anything wrong, as they approach, the ticket gets rejected," James said.

Foxboro Police say 16 victims bought the 51 tickets on Craigslist, some who paid up to $400 dollars a seat.

Now those scammed fans are out a collective 10 grand.

"This is such a widespread problem," said Jim Holzman, the CEO of ticket broker Ace Ticket.

He says counterfeiters are getting ever more savvy, making their tickets look just like the real thing.

"It's like buying a watch on a  street corner, you really can't expect if you don't know who you're getting it from, or getting it from a valid source, how are you going to know you're spending your money wisely?" he said.

Back to Foxboro, where Patriots officials decided to have a heart, taking pity on those duped fans, and getting them standing room tickets - so they could enjoy the, win over the Ravens, overtime and all.

But they won't likely be able to do that in the future.

"Especially places like Craigslist there's a real risk and 'buyer beware' is something we really underscore the importance of," James added.

And looking forward, fans looking for real tickets like these - say they won't take any chances.

"Too many scams, too many people out there scamming people," said Dave Decotret, of Cumberland, RI.

Police say many of the buyers were from out of the area - some as far away as the Midwest.

This may not be just a problem this weekend.

Foxboro police want to caution fans that there could be more counterfeit tickets out there for future games.

Next home game is Halloween against Randy Moss and the Vikings.

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