Firefighters Respond to Boston Fire, Find Dead Body

(NECN: John Moroney) – One man is under arrest after a small fire in Boston. When crews responded to the fire, they found a woman’s body inside.

Firefighters were able to put the fire out and take a potential suspect into custody.

A fourth-floor apartment is where Boston firefighters were called Tuesday morning because of a small fire.

At which time, they were confronted by a knife-wielding man who was found was in the apartment with a woman.

"It was more a physical altercation," said Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis. "Tried to jump out a window, restrain him, took a weapon off him, and held him for police."

The man was subdued and the fire put out. That's when firefighters realized the woman on the kitchen floor was dead.

People who live in Brighton neighborhood housing complex say an older Asian woman lives in the apartment. A law enforcement source told NECN that the man who was taken into custody is her son.

"She was a nice woman," said neighbor Karen Ruiz. "She was like in her late 60s, early 70s. She was always out here, collecting bottles and cans. She never bothered anybody.

Boston Police remained at the scene, long after firefighters had left. They were waiting for a search warrant so they could get into the apartment and retrieve the body."

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, as is the reason for the woman's death.
Still, the entire episode is disconcerting.

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