Gun-control Advocates Come Together at Wal-Mart Near Newtown

(NECN) – Newtown, Conn., has become a symbol for control advocates across the country.

On Tuesday, state legislators from both sides of the aisle pledged to support new gun laws and a group of gun-control advocates asked Wal-Mart to stop selling assault weapons.

This Wal-Mart in Danbury, Conn., does not sell guns. But the gun-control advocacy group SumofUs chose this store to deliver their petition because it sits in Newtown's shadow. They want the nationwide retailer to stop selling assault weapons and magazines that hold a lot of bullets. Darren Warren joined the demonstration with his wife and two sons. They live in Newtown. He says he's not anti-gun but...

"It's an assault weapon,” Wagner said. “It's an assault rifle. Why don't people understand that. This is not a hunting weapon."

Lori Haas' daughter was wounded twice in the Virginia Tech shootings 5 ½ years ago. She has a different label for assault rifles.

"The commonality in these mass shootings is easy access to a firearm and a military grade people killer," Haas said.

They joined about 80 people to deliver a petition to the manager of the Danbury Wal-Mart who accepted it while wearing a ribbon in support of Newtown.

"We supported Newtown throughout the whole time,” said Wal-Mart manager John Ruggieri. “Anybody here who's local you all understand that."

He promised to get the petition into the hands of higher ups who could act on it. They may not have a choice if gun laws are toughened. In Hartford, a bi-partisan task force has been set up to look at just that and get laws passed by the end of February.

"Taking quick action is important but taking smart action is more important," Connecticut House Speaker Brendan Sharkey said.

Tougher state laws are a foregone conclusion but many want to see a national ban.

"We need to regulate these assault weapons with the ability to mow down twenty children in a matter of seconds," Haas said.

This is in no way the last protest related to the Newtown shootings. An outfit called Guns Across America is encouraging people who are against new gun control laws to rally at their state capitals this Saturday. That is a nationwide effort.

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