Hockey Game to Stand Despite Parent Meddling

(NECN: Julie Loncich, Winthrop, Mass.) - The game will stand.

"It's an unfortunate incident," said Paul Wetzel of the MIAA. "The fact that it's in the tournament makes it a little extra unfortunate."

On Wednesday, a girl's varsity hockey match-up between Winthrop and Medway-Ashland high schools in Winthrop, Mass. was disrupted by an unruly parent many claim shined a laser pointed at players of the opposing team and goalie.

Medway-Ashland lost 3 to 1, the result, officials say, of that one father.

"It's just unfortunate that a parent had an outcome on this game, it should have been decided on the ice between both teams and it wasn't. That's the unfortunate part," said Rob Pearl, the athletic director of Medway-Ashland High School.

Winthrop's superintendent says the parent was ejected as soon as he was identified in the stands, and before the winning goal was scored.

"My girls did not do anything wrong. This was the act of one individual who took it upon himself to do something, and we took it upon to make sure that that was taken care of," said John Macero, superintendent of Winthrop's schools.

Parents in Winthrop admit there should have been a rematch, and say parents need to keep their cool.

"Parents shouldn't get that involved," said Steve Pereira, a parent himself. "It's a kids sport, we should keep it that way. It's about the kids, not about the parents."

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