Home Depot Hookers Arrested

(NECN/WALB) - Georgia police say two women who were arrested at a Moultrie hotel last week were selling sex on business cards.

The women were putting business cards for Foxy Lady's Private Escort on car windshields in the Moultrie Home Depot parking lot.

An undercover officer took one of their cards and paid them a visit.

Rhonda Crickenberger and Mary Ann Pugh are now charged with prostitution.

"They were not thinking, I'm sorry, when you advertise something like that, even though you put on their private escort, people know what that is about," said Moultrie Police Investigator Cpl. Dave Underwood.

The cards they placed on vehicles outside the Moultrie Home Depot promoted their escort service.

"Who is the main customer sat Home Depot, its guys, construction workers, electricians, carpenters, that is a good place to market something like that," said Underwood.

Customers called police, who set up an undercover sting operation.

"He made contact, he called their number and said he was interested so they told him to come," said Underwood.

The woman on the phone told the undercover officer to meet her at the Cocomo Inn.

"He goes in and he meets with the girls, he asked him how much and they told him how much for how long," said Underwood.

Police say 25-year-old Rhonda Crickenberger and 31-year-old Mary Ann Pugh offered sex.

They told the officer it would cost $100 for 30 minutes with either one of them.

"It was very clear what they wanted and the services they were providing, it was very clear what he would get for the money so, there was no doubting it, what it was all about," said Underwood.

The women were arrested and charged with prostitution.

Donald Adams goes to Home Depot about three times a week.

He says prostitution is morally wrong.

"If a man goes out and pays for it and everything, and if he doesn't use proper protection, then he could wind up with stuff that he wouldn't want to take back home to mama," said Adams.

Still, Adams admits the women had a pretty good marketing plan.

"It was smart because of the marketing purposes, but legally, no they shouldn't have been doing it," said Adams.

Adams is just thankful no card was left on his truck, because if his wife found it, she wouldn't have been too happy.

Prostitution is a misdemeanor and the women are already out of jail.

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