Hurricane Irene 2:30 P.M. Update

(NECN) – Hurricane Irene is several hundred miles south of New England, but it has begun to pour out, especially along the Massachusetts turnpike from Boston to route 84 and then south to Hartford then into New York City.

There are no winds yet, but big waves have arrived at the south coast.

The storm is expanding, and there is also a stalled front over New England triggering the current rain.

There is a tornado watch in effect in New Jersey.

Wind gusts up to 100 mph have impacted North Carolina, and, as Hurricane Irene moves back out to the open water, it should maintain strength as a category 1 storm as it rakes the coast making its way north.

Severe flooding is going to occur both from the ocean and the sky, with rainfall exceeding 10 inches.

Sunday morning at 8 a.m., New England will have blinding downpours with flooding rain covering most of southern New England, and northern New England will have rain, as well.  

There are flood watches for inland, a hurricane warning for the south coast, and a tropical storm watch for east coast for the system coming ashore tomorrow during the afternoon, making for an all-day event.

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