Investigation Complete in Beverly, Mass. Starbucks Shooting

(NECN) - District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett announced Thursday the findings of the investigation into the February 24, 2012 non-fatal shooting of off-duty Beverly Police Officer Jason Lantych by off-duty Hamilton Police Sergeant Kenneth Nagy and Nagy’s subsequent suicide. In a letter to Beverly Police Chief Mark Ray and Hamilton Police Chief Russell Stevens, Blodgett detailed the findings of the investigation and concluded that “no prosecutable crime has been committed.”

The investigation was conducted by Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Essex District Attorney’s Office. The primary goal of the investigation was to determine whether any criminal activity on the part of some person or entity occurred in connection with the shooting and suicide. The careful review of the investigative reports and materials, which included 21 citizen-witness interviews, videotape footage, audio recordings, ballistics evidence, computer forensic analysis and phone records, found that absent the shooting itself, no other criminal activity occurred.

Based on the evidence gathered, investigators found that Nagy shot Lantych because of his perception of a relationship between Lantych and his wife.

“The events of February 24 were shocking and deeply unsettling. An off-duty police officer using his service weapon twice shot another police officer outside a crowded Starbucks, and later returned to the scene and took his own life,” Blodgett said. “[T]he mandate of the District Attorney in such cases is to determine whether a prosecutable crime has been committed. I have determined there is no such crime, apart from the shooting committed by the deceased Nagy. Therefore, this investigation is concluded.”

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