Investigation of Charred Human Remains in Mass. Continues

(NECN: Nicole Jacobs) - An aspiring Bay State rapper known as R.E. Clipz is known to authorities as Reginald Cummings, 26 years old, now in police custody in California.

San Diego officials tell NECN Cummings was arrested last week on an outstanding Massachusetts warrant, but according to the Associated Press, law enforcement in Massachusetts want to speak with him about a gruesome discovery of charred and burning human remains.

It has been nearly two weeks since burning extremities were found near the Bridgewater State Correctional Facility.

The victim, 24-year-old Dennis Jackson, was identified by his fingerprints.

The following morning in Boston's Hyde Park neighborhood, a charred torso was discovered behind an industrial building. It is believed to be Jackson's, though Suffolk County authorities have not yet confirmed it.

The Essex County District Attorney's office is working to determine if the investigation of a Salisbury, Mass. home is connected to the remains. One thing they already know is it is the last known address for Cummings.

Perhaps they learned more this weekend. Officials confirm detectives traveled out west to interview Cummings about his beach community rental.

"I never really saw him as a dangerous violent person," said Roslindale filmmaker Dante Luna.

NECN is the only station to speak with Luna, who says he has shot three R.E. Clipz music videos, interacting with him on a professional level roughly a dozen times.

"He's real animated in front of the camera--in front of the camera he knows how to fall into his role fall into his character."

Luna describes the rapper as a "marshmallow," organized and serious about business. He says he is shocked at the latest developments.

"At the end of the day, someone died and they were both parents," said Luna.

Cummings is not charged in Jackson's murder, though right now, who did it may be just as mysterious as the circumstances surrounding it.

New information is expected Monday.

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