Knowing Your Rights as an Airline Traveler

(NECN/CNN) - The wintry weather that starts during the holiday season can disrupt your travel plans.

Winter brings cold, snow, and, of course, flight delays.

But you have rights as a traveler. First off, find out if the delay is because of weather or something else.

"If a flight is canceled or delayed and it's a mechanical problem, the passenger has the right to receive hotel vouchers, taxi vouchers, and food vouchers," says Kate Hanni of "If your flight is oversold and you're bumped from a flight, know that you are due cold hard cash -- either $400 or $800."

If you used a credit card to book your travel, it can help.

"If you don't get the service offered or if you don't get the compensation that you're due, challenge it with your credit card company and they'll fight the fight for you," says Hanni.

You also have rights if you get to your destination, but your bags don't.

"If your baggage is lost," she says, "you're able to get compensation up to $3,000."

If weather cancels or delays your flight, it's out of everyone's control. But don't give up.

"If you have a problem with your flight, get up and get over to the customer service desk," says Hanni. "You do need to be persistent to make these things happen."

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