Lance Armstrong Comes Clean to Oprah

(NECN: Deanna Morgan, Boston) - After years of denying that he used performance enhancing drugs, cyclist Lance Armstrong reportedly revealed in an interview, taped Monday, that he did, in fact, use them.

Oprah herself is now talking about the interview, as well. She has said this interview will air over two days, beginning Thursday, on her OWN network because it wasn’t possible to cut down the interview.

If you say the name Lance Armstrong, it seems to be a good way to start a conversation.

You can ask just about anyone what they think about Lance Armstrong right now and odds are they'll have something to say.

"He's a liar," says Alina Patton.

"Someone in his athletic position, it's a disappointment that things turned out that way," says Theresa Tirella.

"I was very confident that he was always telling the truth," says Steve Branfman, a cyclist and resident of Newton.

Branfman knows a different side of LanceArmstrong.

"My son Jared passed away in 2005 from brain cancer and two weeks before Jared passed away Lance called him," says Branfman.

Armstrong's Foundation, Livestrong, is dedicated to helping cancer patients like Branfman's son, Jared. Armstrong recently apologized to members of his staff, but didn't admit to doping to them.

That may not matter much. On top of a ruined reputation, Lance Armstrong could face multiple lawsuits, including one accusing him of defrauding the U.S. Postal Service. It could cost him lots of money to pay off if he's found guilty.

In August of 2011, Armstrong was seen cycling in Massachusetts at the 32nd Annual Pan Mass Challenge, raising money for cancer research, signing autographs, greeting fans. What a difference a year makes. In October 2012 he was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned from the sport of cycling for life.

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