Lightning Strike Forces Family Out of Rockland, Mass. Home

(NECN) - One lightning strike in particular on the South Shore caused a lot of damage to a home in Rockland, Mass.

It sparked a fire and forced a family of five out into the street.
Several people were home at the time, but luckily no one was hurt.

One man, Paul Shipper, was just feet away from where the bolt hit.

“All I saw was smoke and I thought it was the house next door," says Paul Shipper. "My brother yelled at me and I ran out the door and here we are."

"This was an incredible storm," says Chief Scott Duffy. "The lightning strikes were intense. They were everywhere."

The family was allowed to go back into the home to retrieve some of their belongings.

At least two other homes in Rockland were also hit by lightning Thursday.

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