Maine Troupe to Perform on Unicycles at Inaugural Parade

(NECN: Marnie MacLean) - A group of 41 students from Scarborough, Maine have been invited to perform in front of President Obama at the Inaugural Parade on Monday.

The Gym Dandies will be the first group to ever perform at the inaugural parade on giant unicycles.

Director John Cahill started the Gym Dandies 32 years ago. A long time physical education teacher, Cahill began offering circus arts as a way to keep kids active and teach them the value of hard work.

"I think it's the best thing I have ever done with kids to help them experience success, and that is what a teacher does," Cahill said.

Students can join in third grade and stay through their senior year. There's a long list of activities they can try. Riding the "giraffe" unicycle is a big deal and takes hundreds of hours of practice.

Their skills certainly caught the attention of the Inaugural Committee. The group was one of just 58 chosen out of more than 2,000 to perform at the inaugural parade.

They are all very excited for the chance to perform on such a big stage, but there is one concern, according to 9-year-old Allison Derrick.  

"I am kind of nervous, I don't think anyone wants to fall in front of the president," she said.

The Gym Dandies are part of the Navy division in the parade. They will come just before the Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corp. from Massachusetts.

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