Mass. Man Facing Arraignment on 8th OUI

UPDATE: Doten pled not guilty Monday.

(NECN: Deanna Morgan, Boston) - A Massachusetts man has found himself in a familiar situation - as he prepares to face charges on his eighth OUI arrest.

William Doten was expected to be arraigned at a Brockton hospital around 11 a.m. Monday morning.

Joseph Doyle spoke with our Julie Loncich about his friend, William Doten's OUI arrest on Thursday - Doten's eighth OUI arrest.

"He's a good crying," says Doyle amidst tears. "He didn't kill anybody."

But, Doyle admits Doten could have. He had a lot to say about his friend.

"I love this man." "He's a Vietnam Vet, 65 years old..."

According to Doyle, Doten is a hard worker. But, he admitted his friend is in need.

"He needs serious help," says Doyle.

William Doten currently has a warrant for his arrest. His license has been revoked for the rest of his life.

"[It's] frustrating for the courts, frustrating for the police, and certainly frustrating for anybody who is victimized," says Avon Police Sergeant, John Buker.  Buker arrested Doten Thursday night on West Main Street. Doyle was in the car with him.

"More or less they were looking for some help," says Buker.

Buker says their car ran out of gas and Doten and Doyle were drunk. Not only was Doten driving without a license, the charges allege he had an open container of alcohol in the car with him.

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