Mass. Nanny Held on 500,000 Bail in Child's Death

(NECN: Deanna Morgan) - Aisling McCarthy Brady arrived at Cambridge District Court in a state police car with her head turned. She never showed her face in court. Brady, a resident of Quincy, hid behind a wall.

The prosecution gave extensive details during her arraignment about what they believed caused one-year-old Rahanna Sabir to die two days after Aisling Brady watched her at home on Ash street last week. 

"The defendant reports that she then played games with the baby... dancing with the baby, the baby was healthy and fine," said Middlesex County Assistant District Attorney, Katharine Folger.

But it was after the baby's nap, Folger said, when things went wrong. She said Brady later found the baby in her crib having seizures. 

"So, it's very clear that the only person who had contact with this child at the time of these injuries were inflicted was the defendant," said Folger.

Folger said the baby was taken to Boston Children's Hospital where she suffered from massive brain swelling, bone fractures, and her eyes were bleeding.

Brady's attorney, Melinda Thompson, doesn't believe the prosecution's story. Thompson said after 13 years of being a nanny, Aisling Brady has never hurt a child, and never would.

"She did nothing wrong," said Thompson. "She maintains her innocence, it's a world of tragedy for the parents, the family, everyone, it's a sad day."

The court documents for the case have been impounded. Brady's bail has been set for $500,000 cash. Her pre-trial will happen in February. She is currently charged with assault and battery. 
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