Mass. Nurse Faces Charges After Teen Party

(NECN: Jennifer Eagan, Gloucester, Mass.) - A nurse in Gloucester, Mass. is facing charges that she injected a drunk teen with anti-nausea medication because the teen had gotten sick at a party at the nurse's home.

Police say Julie Leonard, 36, is charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, furnishing alcohol to minors and more. She was arrested Sunday.

According to the police report, witnesses told detectives four teens were up drinking and smoking marijuana at Mark and Julie Leonard's home partying into the night, including the Leonard's daughter.

"The allegations that we're receiving are that there was underage drinking occurring in the house and adults came back to the house and either allowed it to continue or participated," Gloucester Police Chief Leonard Campanello said.

Jennifer Eagan has more on the story in the attached video.

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