Mass. Rep. Keating Praises Medical Response to Boston Tragedy

(NECN) - Following the deadly explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, Massachusetts Congressman and House Homeland Security Committee member Bill Keating joined NECN to discuss the tragedy.

"I don't think you can be from the Boston area and not have the first feeling of just being heartsick," said Rep. Keating. "To see victims, two of whom have been reported as fatalities, and the scores of people that have been injured."

He also explained that the priority now is to stay safe rather than speculate about the reasons.

"This could be any number of things. It's not as important to speculate now in terms of the origin of this as it is to react to it," said Rep. Keating. "We had the best response that people could ask for, as well as the best medical response on the scene. That's not much solace to the people who have been injured and the families that have lost loved ones today, but it should be something that gives some confidence to the public as a whole."

Watch the attached video for more information.

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