Mass. Vet Uses Stem Cell Therapy to Help Bulldog

(NECN/WJAR: Mario Hilario) - A dog's own stem cells may be the key to getting him back on his feet. 

English Bulldog Bubba suffers from hip dysplasia.

Bubba's owner, Bob Cook, said his condition had gotten really bad in the last several months.

After doing research, he found out about a regenerative stem cell therapy and became hopeful. 

He brought Bubba to Abbot Animal Hospital in Rehoboth, Mass.

Dr. Ashraf Gomaa is the only doctor in the area certified by Medivet America, the company that developed this technology.

"There's no harm whatsoever, there's no side effects whatsoever, because we are using that animal's own fat cells," he said.

After extracting fat from Bubba, it is processed, basically broken down to get to the healthy stem cells.

They are then injected back into Bubba into the area of concern.

"Replacing the bad cells with new, brand new cells basically. So it's a pretty advanced technology," Dr. Gomaa explained.

Dr. Gomaa says Bubba could start seeing improvement in as early as a few weeks.

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