Matt Noyes Supports Horizons for Homeless Children

(NECN) - There are 1.6 million homeless children in America, and you can help us combat this problem by supporting our Horizons for Homeless Children week.

Several of us, including our own Matt Noyes, have been visiting Horizons over the past few weeks.

Horizons is an organization that helps 3,000 homeless children in the Boston area. Horizons is giving children the opportunity to learn, play and thrive - but they need your help to do it.

Any donation can help, no matter how small, and for just $15 a month, you can help Horizons for Homeless Children provide safe, bright facilities where homeless children can learn and play in early childhood.

Your contribution means even more on Wednesday as Comcast is proudly matching donations. Call 800-650-6219 now to make your donation.

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