Mayor Menino Back in the Public Eye

(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Boston) - Mayor Tom Menino's first day back at City Hall was December 27, his 70th birthday, and he went twice earlier this week, as well.

Now he's going to public events, back to making jokes and seemed very upbeat Friday.

A familiar face among the crowd, Boston Mayor Tom Menino standing and swearing in school committee member Mike O'Neill for a second four-year term.

It was the only time the mayor stood at the city-owned Parkman House on Beacon Hill, where he has been living for now while he recuperates.

He mostly sat at the table addressing education, economic development and his health.

"Laying in a bed for seven weeks you will lose some of your muscle mass and so I'm dealing with that issue," Mayor Menino said.

And the Mayor spoke candidly about his medical problems, saying this is the best he's felt in nine months.

Well documented are the illnesses he's been dealing with: a blood clot, respiratory infection, a fracture of the back and now, diabetes.

"The healthcare I got was second to none, coming back from Italy I was a pretty sick guy," he said.

He cut short his Italian vacation this fall, spending two months at Brigham and Women's Hospital, followed by weeks at Spaulding Rehab.

He's having trouble walking, but is putting in time at physical therapy so he can be back making rounds, his favorite part of the job he's held for five terms and nearly two decades.

And I asked him if if he'll have the stamina to address the people of Boston at the State of the City later this month, will he be able to stand in front of everyone?

"Of course I'll be able to stand, I've already tried, I've practice it already. I'm ready to go, you guys will see it, it'll be live and in color, pop out of a box, wow he's back. No seriously, I'll be able to do it," Menino quipped.

Will he run for a 6th term?  He wouldn't say.

He said don't assume anything, you just go about and do your business, but he also joked about running his own marathon, not the 26 mile one. So who knows.

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