Millbury, Mass. PD Worried About Traffic If Slots Parlor Comes to Town

(NECN: Kristen Carosa) - If a 110,000-square foot slots parlor comes to Millbury, Mass., the police department wants to make sure traffic isn't a problem. The proposed site is planned for an area off of McCracken Road near the Shoppes at Blackstone Valley.

“Approximately a nine- to 10-percent increase in traffic would be brought to the area if the casino was to be built,” says Sgt. Donald Desorcy.

And that's to an intersection Sgt. Desorcy says is known for traffic backups.

“To put a casino in that location without making infrastructure improvements to that area would be catastrophic.”

Rush Street Gaming is responding to the concerns of the department and releasing more details about the 1200 machine slot parlor; $6.4-million in roadway improvements were presented Monday night to the planning board.

Widening ramps to and from route 146, improving traffic lights and adding lanes to the McCracken Road Bridge were discussed.

“It will give us a larger cue to store cars there and hopefully it will completely eliminate the tie ups to rte. 146,” Sgt. Desorcy says.

The plan also includes pedestrian and bicycle access along McCracken Road, in addition to bringing public transportation to the facility.

Greg Carlin, president of Mass Gaming & Entertainment, says "we invest in our projects with the goal of enhancing the surrounding neighborhood and the community at large. In this case we are paying close attention to the needed traffic improvements and are confident that we can improve the traffic conditions over current conditions."

Sgt. Desorcy says he isn't for or against the slots proposal. His main concern is the safety of residents and those who come to the Millbury.

“Concerns are always going to be there; it’s just a matter of trying to make improvements - to try to make this intersection better.”

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