Money Matters: Facebook Announcement

(NECN/AP) - Here's a rundown of the morning's developing business headlines, which may impact stock performance:

-Facebook holds mysterious press conference

Facebook would solve the big mystery Tuesday when it holds a press event, the invitation to which said only "come see what we're building."

Some speculate Facebook could reveal a more robust search feature that would intensify the competition between the social networking giant and its rival Google.

-Japan Airlines reports new fuel leak in Boeing 787

Japan Airlines has reported a fuel leak in a Boeing 787 Dreamliner for the second time in a week amid a U.S. safety review of the aircraft.

Narita International Airport outside of Tokyo says JAL reported a 100-liter fuel leak in a 787 during an inspection Sunday. The aircraft reportedly was the same one that had a fuel leak in Boston last week.

Japan's All Nippon Airways has experienced a fuel leak, a cockpit window crack and a computer malfunctioning in its 787s, causing cancelations of several domestic flights.

The U.S. government said Friday the 787 is safe to fly, though it launched a probe last week into the cause of various problems.

The 787 is Boeing's newest and most high-tech airliner. Japanese airlines are among the top 787 customers.

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