New Everett High Principal Faces Possible Firing for Controversial Video

(NECN: Alysha Palumbo) – It’s the video that has landed the new principal of Everett High School in Massachusetts in hot water.

Principal Erick Naumann took part in the video to introduce himself to students, but the superintendent of schools is now debating whether to fire Naumann because of the video’s “Terminator” theme.

A special school meeting was held at the school on Monday night to determine Naumann’s fate. NECN’s Alysha Palumbo had more from the meeting, which was supposed to feature a public comment session before an executive meeting occurred to discuss this personnel matter.

Instead, the executive meeting happened right away, and the participants returned an hour later and adjourned the meeting. Parents and students convinced the committee to reconvene the meeting so they could speak their minds.

Superintendent Fredrick Foresteire’s comments about the video can be summed up in two words: “Wrong message.”

For more, see the video above.

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