New Information on the Reward Offered for Whitey Bulger

(NECN) – We have new information on the reward offered for the capture of fugitive mobster Whitey Bulger. A man, who tried to claim the two million dollar reward, says he’s been told the money has been paid out to someone else.

The man told the Boston Globe that the reward has gone to a woman in Iceland because law enforcement officials say she’s the one who called in the tip that led to Bulger’s arrest in California.

The FBI and US Attorney’s Office will not confirm the report.

Meanwhile, a trial for Bulger should not be expected any time soon.

He faces charges in connection with 19 murders in the Boston area, and a judge, on Wednesday, granted his defense more time to review the evidence/

The defense says prosecutors have handed over thousands of pages of documents for a stack that stands more than six feet tall.

A judge has ordered both sides back in court in November.

We’re following the developments in the Bulger case and will bring you new information as we get it.

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