One Dead in Spencer, Mass. Plane Crash

(NECN: Brad Puffer, Spencer, Mass.) - Investigators examine the mangled wreckage of a small plane that crashed near the Spencer Airport Wednesday morning, killing the pilot.

The singe engine Piper's wing still in the trees it appears to have clipped before falling to the ground, a crash heard by many neighbors.

Colleen Holmberg, Neighbor

"It was loud it was definitely loud."

Caleb Itterman, Neighbor

"I didn't not hear the crack but I heard the engine cut."

Only the pilot was on board, a pilot now identified by family as 50-year-old Gregg Andrews, a father of two, the owner of the airport and of Andrews Aviation.

Michael Forhan

"Great pilot, instructor, he's owned this airport for decades."

Michael Forhan is a longtime acquaintance who has also flown in and out of this small airport, a 1900 foot gravel strip. While investigators are not yet speculating on what happened, the FAA has said the crash occurred as the plane was attempting to land.

Michael Forhan

"That would fit the way that plane seem configured right that he just didn't have enough power to make it over the trees after he tried to turn around."

This was not Andrews' airplane, it is registered to another local owner. But whatever happened, those who knew him say he will be deeply missed by the Spencer community.

Dave Stark, friend

"You won't find a better person than Gregg Andrews, believe me. Well loved in town. Well liked by everyone."

Michael Forhan, friend

"A fixture in this community. Never heard an unkind word about him and it's just a tragedy."

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