Parents Split Over Mass. High School Principal's Suspension

(NECN: John Moroney) - At Everett High School, students are the ones typically suspended for bad behavior. But the tables have turned on Erick Naumann because of his controversial video, The Naumannator.

The high school's new principal has been suspended for two days as a result of his spoof of ‘The Terminator’ movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Naumann created the video with media teacher Roy Barrrows, who has been suspended for two days, as well.

"Everyone makes mistakes," Naumann said. "I'm glad to see the support and I hope we can just move forward from this as a city and a town. You see the community we have here. It's great, and hopefully we can move forward."

Naumann and his attorneys met with the School Committee and superintendent Monday night. It was decided then that the longtime employee of the Everett schools would not lose his job.

A number of parents and students urged the School Committee to retain Naumann, even after learning he would not be fired.

"I don't think the video is portrayed to anything bad. He was just trying to find a way to connect with his students more," one student said.

"As a parent I was not offended. I was not scared about the video. I actually like the video," a parent said.

Still the images in the video, which was shot within Everett High, along with the recent school shooting in Connecticut, left a number of parents uneasy.

"It is very scary just in the time it is. That's all it is,” one said. “I'm a parent and I was scared to send my daughter to school today because I am not educated on how Mr. Naumann is.”

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