Parking Issues at Logan Cause Passenger Headaches

(NECN: Scot Yount, Boston) - It has been said that getting an airliner into Boston's Logan Airport can at times be easier than finding a landing strip for your car. 

It was what you might call general quarters for parking attendants at central parking, as space is at a premium.

Long lines saw even seasoned travelers befuddled by the snarl.

"I come here quite often I don't know what is going on today, it seems like kind of strange, it is much better than this usually, but I don't know why today," said one man.

One reason may be vacation week, the Marathon, and who knows what else. The result, however, is that Massport parking employees are actually valet parking on some levels.

Some passengers aren't happy with the delays. One man was frustrated, as he tried to get to Canada on a business trip.

"It is quite troublesome, don't know, should be figured out before six o'clock in the morning though, that's for sure," said a frustrated man waiting to park his car.
"Headed to Toronto, so if I miss this flight, it's gonna be an issue," said the man.

Over at the MBTA, the buses picking up folks from the Blue Line are truly the way to go for hassle free ingress to our beloved airport by the sea. 

However, some bus drivers were complaining about the long row of cars now parked along the bus route, a phenomenon they will have to deal with as Massport looks for creative ways to park even more cars.
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