Phoebe Prince: 3 Years Later

(NECN) - The 2010 suicide of a Massachusetts teen sparked renewed awareness to anti-bullying campaigns nationwide.

Phoebe Prince hung herself after enduring months of vicious bullying - both online and at school.

How it happened was no secret: hundreds of other students knew, as did administrators, school counselors, the nurse, and a dozen or more teachers. Yet all took few, or no, steps to prevent the relentless persecution the drove Phoebe to her death.

Three years later, the story of the 15-year-old's tragic death has been published in a new book.

E.J. Fleming, Author of "Tread Softly: Bullying and the Death of Phoebe Prince", joined "The Morning Show" to discuss the book and the ugly truth behind the severity of teen's bullying.

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