Police Reviewing Surveillance Tape of South End Shooting

(NECN: Eileen Curran, Boston) – We have new details on that deadly police shooting in Boston's South End.

Police are now reviewing surveillance tapes from the night of the shooting, and we're also learning more about the car the suspect was driving.

“How does somebody get pulled over for a traffic stop and end up being murdered?”

That’s how Anthony Thomas sees the death of his friend Burrell Ramsey-White.

The two grew up together in the Tent City housing complex in Boston’s South End.

On Tuesday, police shot and killed Ramsey-White. They say he pulled a gun on them.

“Why did he shoot to kill?” asked Thomas. “It was one shot. They’re supposed to protect and serve. We’re supposed to be protected and served. Now, anybody who gets pulled over has to worry about their life?”

Police still aren’t confirming the identity of the suspect shot dead but a spokesperson confirms he was indeed driving the same car seen in video NECN obtained on Saturday.

It shows police arresting 26-year-old Jurell Laronal on Maxwell Street in Dorchester.

Police say they pulled him over for driving with a suspended license, but he resisted arrest and more officers responded.

Laronal is being held on $5,000 cash bail, and also has an outstanding warrant for a probation violation, so he won’t be getting out any time soon.

The question now is, what’s his connection to the dead suspect, identified by family and friends as Burell Ramsey-White, and why was he driving Laronal’s car?

BPD spokesperson Cheryl Fiandaca said, “It’s not clear what the connection is, but there clearly is one because the car was not reported stolen.”

Also, one or more of the many security cameras in the area of the shooting caught some or all of the incident that night.

“Investigators are reviewing surveillance images from the area, but they are not available to the public at this time,” said Jake Wark, spokesperson for the Suffolk County district attorney.

Anthony Thomas said he knows of no connection between his friend, Ramsey-White, and Laronal, the drug suspect arrested Saturday, despite the fact Ramsey-White was driving Laronal’s car.

NECN spoke with some family members of Ramsey-White who said Boston Police have not contacted them since the shooting.

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