Pumpkin Festival Becomes Victim of Its Own Success

(NECN: Lauren Collins, Keene, N.H.) - Organizers of Keene, New Hampshire's annual Pumpkin Festival hope to set a new world record with 30,129 lit Jack-O-Lanterns.

Pumpkins put Keene on the map. Yet as the Keene Pumpkin Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary, organizers say this year will be its last.

Security, for example, cost 50,000 dollars in 1991, and runs about 300,000 today.

Sponsorships actually aren't the problem, though those are harder to come by these days.  Turns out the Keene Pumpkin Festival is a victim of its own success.

Organizer say it has become too big, and they don't have enough volunteers. They will take a break, regroup and see if they can come back in a few years.

Local businesses hope it doesn't take that long. They can't afford to miss an event that attracts 60 to 80 thousand visitors.

The city's business leaders and mayor will meet next month to find a way to keep the Jack-O-Lanterns lit.

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