Rash of Break-ins in Northboro, Mass.

(NECN, Katelyn Tivnan, Northboro, Mass.) - Lisa Kelley has lived in Northboro for two years. She says her Valentine Street neighborhood is typically quiet. So, when she heard of a rash of break-ins in the area this week she says she was shocked.
 “I went around and checked all the locks and we're actually about to go away on vacation so it's a little more unnerving,” she said. “Luckily we have someone staying in the house.”

Detective Sgt. Brian Griffin of the Northboro Police says the town is experiencing a higher than average amount of break ins this summer.

Griffin said that on Thursday, six homes were broken into in one day, something out of the ordinary for the town.

“In almost all cases it was high-end jewelry, cash, and prescription medications [taken],” Griffin said.

Griffin says the calls started coming in around 2 pm. A number of the calls came from homeowners arriving home from vacation. In most cases Griffin says the front or back doors had been forced open.

But he says there is reason to believe those responsible knew what they were doing.

 “They knew costume jewelry from real jewelry, left costume jewelry behind --- that's fairly unusual Usually they take all of the jewelry.”

In each case, thousands of dollars worth of belongings were taken from each home.

Police say they are also working with neighboring towns who reported break-ins on Thursday.

They believe one person or group could be responsible.

They are asking residents who may have seen anything suspicious to contact police.

“Some roads are heavily traveled so you would have seen the person breaking in would have witnessed it,” Griffin said.

“I’m sure will be calling to check on the house a lot more than otherwise,” Kelley said.

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