Red Cross: Relief Efforts Under Way in Western Mass.

(NECN) - Nancy Rowe of the American Red Cross says that emergency response vehicles are driving around offering food and water to people affected by Wednesday's tornadoes in Western Massachusetts.

Besides physical needs, Rowe said the Red Cross also has people to help with emotional needs.

"We have a mental health staff helping people cope with what happened to them," Rowe said

She said donations are crucial. The easiest thing is to text "Red Cross" to 90999, and the donation will show up on a cell phone subscriber's bill, Rowe said.

Rowe acknowledged that Red Cross crews are stretched thin following recent disasters in Missouri, Alabama, and now Massachusetts. The Red Cross also offered aid when and earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in March.

Shelters will remain open until victims have found permanent shelter, which the Red Cross can help with, or they have moved in with other family members.

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