Sandusky Jury Seeks Guidance on Janitor Testimony

(NECN/NBC News: Brian Mooar) - Jurors finished their first day of deliberations in the Jerry Sandusky trial with a question, and on Friday, lawyers from the prosecution and defense answered back.

Prosecutor Joe McGettigan and defense attorney Joe Amendola took turns reading the testimony of two witnesses.

The jury asked to review the testimony of former grad student Mike McQueary and a family friend of McQueary's.

McQueary is the only third-party witness to tell the jury he saw one of the alleged crimes, and on the stand, he was adamant.

Though it was just a glimpse, he said he saw Sandusky sexually assaulting an underage boy.

Family friend Jonathan Dranov, a defense witness, testified that a shaken McQueary told him only about what he heard: sexual sounds.

"I kept saying, what did you see," Dranov testified, "and each time he would come back to the sounds."

The alleged victim hasn't been located and the charges related to that incident rest on McQueary's word.

Still, that's only one alleged victim, representing only a few of the forty-eight counts.

The jury has been sequestered and are unaware of the new abuse accusations leveled at Sandusky: one from his adopted son Matt, the other by Travis Weaver, who tells NBC's Rock Center that he was abused for years.

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