Search for Nantucket Woman Leads to Barnstable, Mass.

(NECN: Brad Puffer, Barnstable, Mass.) - Officers on ATVs headed out and onto dirt paths under high tension wires, just part of the latest search for a missing Nantucket woman.

With state police helicopters above, police dogs walked a mile stretch along this service road looking for clues. A nearby gun range was shut down for the day, as officers searched the woods as well. 

But it's unclear if anything was found as investigators look into the disappearance of 23-year-old Trudie Hall.

The pregnant woman was last seen almost two weeks ago, coming to the Cape for a doctor's appointment.

Her rented Toyota found two days later.

Police have already searched other areas on Cape Cod as well, including the Centerville home of a friend.

Even with all the police activity, investigators have said little. District Attorney Michael O'Keefe said by phone,

"When we feel there is something to release that is appropriate to release we will certainly do so."

In the meantime, the search goes on, hoping to find a clue as to what happened to this young Nantucket housekeeper who has lived on the island since she was 13-years-old.

Trudie Hall's mother, who lives in Mashpee, was on Nantucket Monday and unavailable. She said by phone she has been in touch with investigators, but did not know any details about the search or whether anything had been found. 

The Cape Cod Times had previously reported that blood evidence and bullet fragments were found inside that rented Toyota but investigators have not officially confirmed any details.

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