Simple Ideas for Do-it-yourself Ornaments

(NECN) - This weekend, some of you may be putting up the last of those holiday decorations.

We found a great way to put a personal touch on your tree.

Amy Kimball from Amy Kimball Events has simple and elegant ideas for us.

She says simple is key for gorgeous, do it yourself, involve the whole family ornaments.

Clear ornaments can be picked up at any craft store.

To do a nature ornament, you can drop in some fur, pine needles or what have you. You can also drop in cranberries for a little color. Put the top on, add a cute ribbon for personality, and voila!

If you have extra garland or even tinsel, you can also put that in the ornament for a sparkly ornament.

Kids love this last one…a Rudolph ornament!

Get a green ornament. Put your thumb in brown paint and do a thumb print on the ornament. Stick on a red nose. Then use a sharpie marker to put on eyes and draw antlers off the top.

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